- Digital Hippies


Jorge Balboa & Hector Balboa a.k.a Digital Hippies brings you a new perspective of what electronic music should sound like. Now consolidating this project with a perfect balance between quality, originality and a mix of serious sounds and instruments such as harmonica acoustic & electric guitar, flute, saxophone, grand piano and analog synthesizers.Since the beginning of their career 13 years ago they grew up with a solid trance influence and now with these new tracks they accomplish to integrate a great variety of innovating sounds from all over the world, playing in the best clubs, private parties and raves in Mexico, Canada and U.S.A. mainly thanks to their unique beats that goes from Techno / Progressive House, to Psychedelic trance. From the biggest city in the world and collaborating with a lot of great musicians in order to apply their musical knowledge This duo demonstrate their unique taste for music by playing on different dance floors all around the world and side by side with the tops international DJ's from labels like Global Underground, BNE, YoYo, Hommega, Perfect-O, Kompakt Catalyst, Psyclon and performing on events in front of more than 5,000 people.