- Elepho


French born Anthony a.k.a. ELEPHO is a Progressive Psy-Trance producer with a difference. From an early age he was inspired by the surrounding sounds of the rock & pop era.Great movie composures such as Danny Elfman & Has Zimmer& electronic sources from Daft Punk, The Prodigy & the infamous Jean Michel Jarre have been the more important ones in his life.One would say in-fact that he is a huge fan of music in general.During his childhood he studied ternary & triplets: revolutionary compositions from French 18th century compositions. After travelling for many years throughout Africa, Asia, South America & Europe, his desire was deep within his soul to deliver the message of love & emotional feelings through his music. A DJ for many years in the HOUSE MUSIC scene, by 2008 he found his current passion for PROGRESSIVE PSY-TRANCE. He had an urging desire to share his love & messages through this modern platform. Up to now has produced several albums & E.P.’s for many major labels. Watch out next year as ELEPHO will be sure to make a huge bang. Music aims to give a peaceful message about the ow of life.A musical journey which follows our steps in life.Providing us with a meaningful & mutual understanding towards each other.


Progressive Goa 2017 - Best of Top 100 Electronic Dance, Acid, Techno House, Rave Anthems Psytrance
Shogan, Norma Project, Beatspy, ZeoLogic, Kipi Vibration, Raindrop, Inducer, Vimana, Boils Tom, TWO-D, Pulsar & Thaihanu, Ascent, Nature, Illegal Substances, Duall, Ectima, Rigel, Biocycle, Akbal, Declaration of Unity, Liquid Frame, Indishanti, Elegy, Kinich, Akron, Inkel, GalactrixX, Mystical Fields, Tripy, Tymek, Jiser, Lonely Fellow, Hood, Algae Bloom, A Robot Comes To Her, Lunatica, Owntrip, Frangipani, Vuchur, Ironvibe, Lost Shaman, Psybuddy, Psytellite, Ninaste, Phonophora, Spindean, Kedarnarth, Romeo Cabrera, Bioterranean, Progressive Intention, Mind Lab, Amplified By Night, Microlin, Athu, Elepho, Recursion Loop, Sasek, Ektoside, Isralienn, Libra, Ananada Shanti, Radhanath Swami, Aslan One, Terrasun, Analog Minds, Myerss, Psychoz, System E, Unusual Cosmic Process, PsySequenz, Noiland, Rony Melo, Ekahal, Sine Eye, Skyway, Solar Waves, Upsoull, Entropia, Autorun, Anyma, AciiD MooN, SoundSpirit, Kyoto, Monotohm, Tetuna, Dee, Convergent Evolution, Spectro Senses, Synthetic Vision, Psypheric, Optical Report, Sound Device, Future Sight, Sef10, Eric Electric, Conexion Mental, DMotion, Palmos, Pro-Active, SwingTek, Nimue, Spectral Touch, JaguarTree, Paradox Side, Dr. Psyhead, Pink Llama, PsyRamaHam, Persian Frequency, Spinney Lainey, Sentk, Tirkre, Warped Mouse, Spiritualight, The Same Old Souls, Norma Project, Agent Kritsek, Sound Device, Ektoside, Owntrip, Drumatix
EDM Records | 2016-12-14