- Adrian Feder


Since he was a child he felt passion to music. The firstinfluences came from 80's and 90's music, being stronglyinfluenced by Snap, Modern Talking and Jimmy Sommerville.Born in Bucarest (Romania) in 1976 and living in Barcelona(Spain), Adrian FEDER search the magic to express in histracks mixed in his studio in Barcelona.The melodies of each one of the tracks want to transmit adream sensation and the translation to a parallel world, theescape world where everything is perfect.Even if he produces all types of electronic music sinceseveral years, he started to release the music from thebeginning of 2013, with the intention to transmit all thesensations he’s feeling to the world.Signed by Power House Records in USA, several EP's werealready released on Beatport and all the rest of electronicmusic stores worldwide. More music is released on EDMRecords on various compilations.Some of the tracks are made in collaboration with vocalistsin Israel and United States.Adrian Feder music is for listening everywhere and it'sperfect for any dance floor.