- Doctor-X


After a long time working in his lab, Doctor-X brings you an different sound experiment that will lead you to interact with the music, surely an unforgettable experience on the dancefloor! The footprint is progressive bases with high pressure and a different psychedelic atmosphere and innovative features! For those who like a good progressive, modern with a different mix from introducing aspects as: minimal, techno to deep-tech, different and particular style,without losing the progressive psy characters.www.soundcloud.com/doctorxmusic www.facebook.com/doctorxlive


Electronica 101 Hits 2014
wwer, Dubelius, Frost Raven, D-Program, Zardobski, Pick, Flowjob, Solar Spectrum, Kopfuss Resonator, Geo, Entity Plus, DarXide, Bobs and Sounds, Jon Game, U.M.B.R.O., Growling Machines, Beat Hackers, Michelle Adamson, Painkiller, Abomination, Bliss, Acid Prophecy, MrPackage, Fissure, Crazy Horse, Swordxl, Zeheit, Sulima, Fish n Zone, Polyplex, Psilocybian, El Santo, Source Code, Enarxis, Metzanima, Random, Kasatka, Meteor Burn, Skunk Of Satan, Tricossoma, Snack Shop, Cosmic Station, X-Rated, BPM, Hidden Soul, Nomad, Jeremy Tsunami, DJ Mael, Twina, L.m.T., Phatmatix, Neko, C.P.U., Mesmerizer, Terraformers, Toxical, Wizard Lizard, Suria, Meccano, Trash Dealers, Virtual Light, Ethnic Progress, 20X, Fyono, Avant Garde, Oniro, Polypheme, Clean Noise, Vaktun, Doctor-X, Adrian Feder, Brian Sonneman, Green Light, Man Machine, leenuz, Atheria, Atma, Hotep, Answer, Mind Controller, Shalys, Bodhisattva1320, Raz, Defib, Essex, Bratex, 01-n, A.P.E, Elemental, Faxi Nadu, Cryptexmarble, Micro Scan, A.P.E., Innovation Modification, Robotic Mind, Wisenevil, Biokinetix, Digital Sound Project, Energy Loop, Outreach, Wicked Wires, Delysid, Paraforce, Audiopathik, Goe, Imix, Ghebro, Hypohektika, Psychoz, Nimerix, Vottovaara, Lukeino, The Dude, Smoke Sign, jUdAh, Block Device, Fractal Sound, Vaktun, Twisted Reaction, Brainbokka, Swordxl, DeLarge, Sienis, Tetrium, Freaked Frequency, Jaws Underground, Argon Sphere, Versi, Openmind, Natural Disorder
101 Dance Hits | 2014-05-12