- Thomas Radman


Thomas Radman is currently living in a small red at in Germany with two cats and a number of pieces of equipment rigged together to create sound. He still does not understand how he came to be responsible for the feeding and domestic arrangements of these animals, nor, for that matter, what he is doing living in Germany. He has produced music for games, apps, clubs, raves and fun and was fortunate enough to be DJing in Northern California and a few places in Germany. He sings great in the shower and always holds the door open for people. He keeps an enormous collection of marginally up-to- date blogs, which is nothing like keeping cats at all. He wears jeans, T-Shirts and a sarcastic look on his face. He started Tiefhaus Records in 2009, to create a safe and transparent place for his fellow artist to release their music and to have an outlet for his own creations.