- Reverb


Reverb also know as Echøurn incorporates various genres of Dub Electronic Music in their excellent work and know very well exploit it in their release.He started showing his interest by the Dub/Techno music when he was 18 years old and took the first steps toward the Djing area.At 24 years old,started his career as Producer release his Album debut for a Seattle U.S label Asnazzy Records. Since then,he managed to spread his sound by several well known labels worldwide like Resopal Schallware,Teggno Records,Phlox Records,Lost Demo,Slap Jaxx,Transmissions,etc.With various remixes and original he reaches his best level in his musical career. Releases of all kindsand genres were made since then. Reverb continue to pursue their education, working hard towards their golds without compromising their music. With a burning bright future ahead, Reverb will continue to spread their good vibe and their passion for quality music, conquering crowds all over the world.:Techno::Basement ::Dark::Expermental::DubTechno: