- Revolver Voltex


Revolver Voltex aka Kuniaki Takenaga Sapporo, Hokkaido.Startmaking music since 1997. Good at the track on a fantasticstyle ofthings deeply suspicious industrial rhythms involvingrunning hard.Experience in analog release (UK) MANUKE of Pure Plasticin thepast.Has released 6 Single 11 Single 12 Single 6 Singlelabel,otherlabel solo, compilation, remix.Release was a remix of Mr.TAKAAKIIT OH Rising Sun Rock festivalplan to attend (Hokkaido) to"MotherEarth Remixes"from Elektrax Recordings in Australia in July2011.Play a co-starring with Mr. TAKAAKI IT OH "BAILO @DUCE,Sapporo" in Sapporo at the end of September.Digital delivery onlyestablished Dispired Recordings in 2008.Released a total of15works.Principal Kuniaki Takenaga, Takeshi El Nino, MarcoRane,Carara, Alfonso Sanchez, E la Luna Peter Gual, OliverKucera, ofTechnoforceWas produced the eight artists from around theworld.Released two albums from AsianDynasty Records in the fallI hungfrom the spring of 2012.Only sold in Japan only workmeeting ”M3”coterie sale.To start the project "Revolver Voltex" new nameofattending deep techno song! Hereby label compilation albumof "T RON Records"hosted by Mr. Ray Otaki of Sendai in Jan2013.he do mastering, and he is a manager of "Revoltex and Object Tools" label.