- Philip Jo


Philip Jo, South African born and bred dj and producer from the mothercity has been active in the world of electronic music for almost 15years. Cultivating a fascination with music since childhood, Philip Jo grew up listening to artists like Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Front 242,Meat Beat Manifesto, Dépêche Mode, New Order, Kraftwerk and Yello that heavily influenced his personal style and feel of music and the range of genres you hear in his sets, filtering down from deep playful, sensual and funky addictive melodic hooks, stabs and lyrics complimenting the more techno inspired realms of electronic house music to pumping chained beats and infectious progressive rhythms.In 2008 Philip Jo made the next most logical move in his music career to the bigger and better than ever Sandpit - Dubai (UAE) where there was a booming frenzy of top internationals featuring at a hand full of famous international clubs every week. Dubai was where it was all happening and it was not long before Philip Jo slowly edged his way into the circuit soaring to the top becoming one of the most sought after UAE residents where he has been causing a stir with his edgy, hypnotic and offbeat electronic house music style and mixing technique constantly pushing the cerebral boundaries and taking his music and sets to new and more extraordinary territory.Philip Jo has held residencies and performed in various exclusive and infamous international clubs in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Australia,Europe and UAE. He currently performs at events and various local clubs in the UAE and also is a promoter heading up REKKORD his own eclectic house music event in Dubai.“Remember record stores? Remember the conversations acrosscrates? Remember when the best records were just mysterious whitelabels with a cryptic message and a fax number etched in the runoutgroove? And the best house music rose to authentic credibility on itsown merits.”