- Diego Martinez


He started his career as DJ and music producer in 2008 assisting to several classes in Salamanca. Since 2009 till today he has already mixed music in many important clubs and discos of Spain and Germany. Some examples: Bourbon Street (Malaga), Warhol (Malaga), Old Town (Fuengirola, Malaga), Atico Bar (Estepona, Malaga), The Jaima (Almeria), Heaven Beach Club (Estepona, Malaga), Elementus (Malaga), Goanna Bar (Tapia de Casariego, Asturias), Mulse (Rincon de la Victoria), Triciklo (Navia, Asturias), Boulevard 21 (Navia, Asturias), Trasto (Ribadeo, Lugo), Tapiok Music Club (Tapia de Casariego, Asturias), Haus 8 (Stralsund, Germany), Disco JC (Venta de Banos), Nightclub Chapo (Palencia), Sala Bukos (Saldaña) ...As guitar player and other performances in group:- Rene Hutchins Jazz Cuartet (Malaga 2009-2011). Swing, Blues and Dixieland guitar. Performances in Costa del Sol (Andalusia).- Jazz Kidding (Valladolid, Malaga 2004-2011). Gipsy Swing guitar (Stephan Grappelli and Django Rainjart Style). Performances in Spain and Europe (Italy, Portugal). Music: Lazy Village Moments (2005). - Aeroplano 21 (Malaga 2010). Pop group, Keyboardist and Dj. Performances in Andalusia and Castillay Leon as support band for groups like Sidonie: Sala Vivero (Malaga).- The Clippers (2006), as a drummer. Group of Blues and Rock & Roll of Palencia. Performances: Street Theatre Festival of Palencia (2006 and 2008), the Red Parrot (Palencia) and several sites in the province.- Puenteci-jazz Palencia Big Band (2002-2005), as a guitarist. Performances: Every Friday at the Disco Carabel and at various places throughout Spain.* Education and training:2007-2008: Music Production lessons in Salamanca 2005: Drum lessons in Valladolid2003-2004: Several Jazz seminars in Palencia teached by Cheryl Walters, Andy Philips and Bob Sands 07/02/02 and 07/02/: Sommer jazz seminars during the Zarutz Jazz Festival. Principal subjets: guitar arrangments, improvisation and composition. Teached by Joan Diaz (Pianist), Bob Sands (Saxophonist) 03/2004: Seminar with Paco Palencia Blues Simon (Red House)09/1995-06/2004: Conservatory of Music in Palencia main instrument guitar. Principal subjets: musical theory, harmony, piano. High school graduate