- Patrizio Sciarra


Patrizio Sciarra, DJ, producer and remixer born in Rome, in 1993 with the passage of time has developed a strong passion for music at age 13 years, thanks to his friends DJs and music lovers,involve him in the world of night!After a training period in the afternoon of Rome (Nuit, Gilda, White ...), began playing in clubs in Rome and other region (Qube, Piper Club, Planet Alpheus, Atlantico Live, Alien, Qè(AZ ) ...) In 2013, fits into the world of production with Logic Pro.In the same year he released his first single minimal with Tarantula Records, then an EP with two tracks techno with the CFR (Los Angeles).In 2014 a single minimal with the Step Record (colombia). He is currently working on several projects that will be released in 2014...stay tuned.