- Roxx Cherry


Born in the middle of the 70's in the city of Marseille (France) , the young Roxx Cherry discovers very early thelove for the music in many differents style..At the age of 15 years , Roxx loves pop-rock artists like U2,Police, Queen and many more.. he starts to learn guitar , andfew month after, he plays his favorites song with a little rockband for 5 years.in the begining of the 90's , Roxx discovers the undergroundelectronic music through the firsts "rave" party and it's thetotaly heartthrob.he decides quickly to learn mixing and purchasing his firstpair of technics mk2.shortly after, Roxx takes the residence of the electronicroom of the "club 116" in marseille with 2 others Dj ( djcoyote and mike 303, founders of "superfunk" )..Roxx plays his mixs in severals area and clubs for someyears..But Roxx want more than mixing tracks.. he wants toproduce tracks..in the begining of the years 2000 , he starts to learnproducing electronic tracks...Dj producer for many years, ROXX CHERRY creates nowmix sets in differents styles, from deep house, tekhouse totechno, but always with groovy sound..he is also Producerand remixer of several tracks.Co-founder of the collective artists " BlackCherry "underground sound, with Deep-G, in the city of Marseille (south France ), Roxx continues to make people dance withgood vibes and groove...His musical influences : Ritchie Hawtin, ron costa, MonicaKruse, Nicole Moudaber, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Steve Lawler,Mat-T, Kiko, Carlo lio, macromism, pirupa, djPP, paco osuna,hollen, and many more...