- Mike hauls


Mike Hauls is a dj/producer from Belgium. He first started out in 2012 as a trance/psytrance producer and experimented a lot in sound design with hardware.He slowly created his own database of sounds that he still frequently uses in his new productions.In the years that followed he made a lot of progress by trying many diffirent genres to boost his skills in the studio.In early 2017 Mike made the switch to techno which gave him his first release in june.Not a long time after this he won Sonic Academy remix competition for Mac Vaughn's Original Track 5D.This give Mike a nice spot next to Mac Vaughn & Carlo Ruetz on the EP that got released on Fierce Animal Recordings.From then on he kept on producing techno that resulted in many different releases and many that have yet to come.Upcoming releases on Oculus Records, Reload Recordings, Gain Records, Evil Flow and a new ep on Fierce Animal Recordings are only a few to name.In 2018 Mike partnered up with Smetterlink to go spinnin the decks.Chances are these two are to be found behind the decks by the summer of 2018 and many years after.