- David Christopher


David Christopher is a DJ, Record Producer and Audio Engineer who was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany.Over the years, David developed his very own style of productions and DJing: a unique symbiosis of atmospheric, melodic elements and driving beats. His music was influenced and built by an eclectic musical background, family, friends and the curiosity formusical instruments and music itself.He’s currently running his own production and recording studio as a platform for artists in and around his hometown Düsseldorf. It’s not easy to say, what he likes most: working in the studio or playing gigs and being on the road. “The mixture between gigs and studio makes this job even more exciting. I wouldn’t miss any of it.”David currently holds several residencies in clubs around Düsseldorf, Cologne and the Netherlands.His releases can be found on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and many more.