- Michele Miglionico


Michele Miglionico was born on 3 July 1996 in Naples, Italy Start the age of 10 years to grow into the world of music, starting to study at the Conservatory of Potenza piano, violin and electronic music. He attended the High School of Music at the time stess. Start at 15 years to make his first evening in the square, in front of an audience of 2,000 people. Slowly began to be known even in the most important clubs of the city and the province, having more and more support from peers and adults. By submitting Podcast in various Radio, Michele began working in Radio Globo, Radio Fantastica and Sme-Radio Web of Pisa. In the same year he began attending classes at the Academy of Music Production NUT Naples, specializing in the use of Ableton Live, obtaining the certificate from the manufacturer. Michele stands out for its exceptional sensitivity and musicality and the way in which involves all the young people who follow him in all his evenings. In May of 2014 he began to compose his first song "My Life", which is released on 07.21.2014 with the record label MT Records of Milan. His passion makes him see the world through different eyes and with the courage to question the world of music, so much that is dear to him.