- Toti-J


DJ & Producer Toti-J Toti-J followed his dream to enter the music industry at the age of 13 after returning from a nightclub in his hometown in Italy. From there his dream slowly became a reality. Born in Siracusa (Sicily), Salvatore Di Natale realised that his greatest inspiration and his greatest desire was to make great music. After purchasing his first vinyl record, he immediately began to experiment with, and discover new sounds, grooves, and melodies. This passion has grown stronger through the years. He debuted at the age of 16 with his first public performance at a local nightclub in Siracusa and over the next several years, honed his skills by performing regularly at numerous nightclubs. Over the following years Toti-J developed his own personal style and perfected his technical skills with the console. He found a deep passion for electronic music and in principally Tech-House. By 18, Toti-J’s level of artistry had developed to the level where he began to be hired by some of the premiere clubs in Taormina – the nerve center of Sicilian nightclubs. Toti-J began to develop an important following. In 2010, he created his personal label, Mad Diamond Records. Through this label, he was able to freely express himself in the sounds and grooves that characterize the style of his musical genre. Following the label founding, Toti-J began to perform in venues throughout Italy. Toti-J is continuously pursuing new sounds in order to grow and evolve along with the music he loves. He lives for music. Through music and his interpretation of it does Toti-J truly feel the world. His dream is to share his music with similarly passionate audiences around the world.