- Carlos Agraz


The good one to do after the cabins and several success productions endorse the one that is undoubtedly one of the big modality in the electronic scene of the whole Spanish east. This artist belonging to a musicians' family was already showing worry for the sound technopop of the 80's, getting soaked in the new styles that would see the light later how italo disco and the techno of the 90's, stage of his life that would lead him to beginning his studies of guitar, extending these for several years, for it to speak about Carlos is synonymous of adaptation to the new tendencies since he has always been able to melt with the new sounds that go out to the market, test of it is the being so capable of realizing sets loaded with energy to move masses as others directed to a more purist public, to all this he has contributed the multiple actions at festivals and clubs throughout much of Spain and sharing cartel and cabin with artists that Valentino Kanziani, Beckers, Oxia, Adam Beyer or Paul Ritch and many more.At Present day, Carlos Agraz is co-owner of the record label “Reptilian Music”, besides having edited many references at other national & international labels, and available on the main music download pages of the world like beatport, Itunes or juno, Plus after spending many years as a resident for the most important rooms in the southeast Spanish as THC or Revival is now when decide to go for one of the clubs with more projection area, Catedra club!Finally mention some of the awards made during the career of this artist that the best DJ in the region of Murcia 2 consecutive years (2011 and 2012) among many others ...