Key Commands
 - Marco Latrach


Marco was born in Santiago, Chile. At the age of 13 he started to play music. His work was always appreciated by the audience because of his simply and innate fascination for the sound.His productions are strongly based in Techno and House, but were often influenced by elements of Funk and Jazz. He also worked with experimental and organic sounds. In any case the groove of his creations stimulates an atmosphere of happiness and peace on the floor. In 2008 he made a significant creative change when he started to produce his own "electronic" music. Since then, we often hear his own productions in his DJ sets. Been part of the crew of the underground scene of Chile and starting this year the internationalization of his career in Asia and Europe, Marco has been on the forefront of the dance music scene at popular clubs such as "Club del Sol"(Chile), "Club la Feria"(Chile), "Dommune" (Tokyo, Japan), "Rockwest" (Tokyo, Japan), "Jam"(T okyo, Japan) "Schschloraque" (Berlin), "Ushuaia"(Ibiza) Cadenza Vagabundos, "Flow" (Ibiza), "Bahrein" (Bs. Aires), "Gran Central"(Chile), "Teatro Caupolicán"(Chile), "Soma Underbar"(Concepción Chile), "Club Sab"(Concepción Chile), "Dominica 54"(Santiago de Chile), and many others. One of the new promises of the "Chilean Connection" sound... enjoy the trip!