- Noon Do


ミスタ VWelcome to flight 123From an early age, Fernando has been influenced and related to music. With a family of musicians, his first experience was at 4 years old after receiving hisfirst drum set. As a DJ, he started around the age of 14 and with electronic music at 16.Throughout his career, projects, and trajectory, Fernando has played and left a mark in the biggest festivals in South America such as Lollapalooza, Ultra, Creamfields and many others with audience of 10,000 or more, occupying an important place in the electronic scene of Chile.Currently, Noon Do is a DJ/Producer graduated from Icon Collective School living in San Francisco and grown in Chile. His inspirations are defined by grooves, synths, and bass. With a particular musical style, their sets range from Deep House, Acid House, Tech House and House in general. His vision is to adapt to the environment and make the public dance with fresh music and classics.