- Kombot


Elon Soddu aka Kombot born in 1986 is a Sardinian DJ / Producer , at the age15 years he began to develop a passion for turntablism and scratching which he love it so much ,in 2008 begins to approach Hardtechno dancefloors play in partys based in italy and Immediately begins to produce the first tracks hardtechno and was noticed by various international labels with many release EP to come . In 2010 he opened his first Dezaster Records label'''' which's work with the best artists Hardtechno from Italian and international scene.Always add a passion about Drum & Bass.For this reason kombot Started to be interested in dubstep and started to create his first tracks and his first sounds In 2011 and released his first officialdubstep EP with the dboxrecords with his friend impure.The same year kombot decided to move in london where become more interested in dubstep and started to knowing the culture and started to be more passion by Dubstep so much so that he decided to lay aside for the moment is hardtechno project and get on whit is Dubstep .While i was living in london Kombot meet a producer caled Dirty Job they became friends andIn 2012 they start a label Bassacre rec also whit the help of ImpureWich kombot relased his first album Bass Impact and many other different ep whitother international artists , furthermore in 2012 kombot played in many clubs , the most famouse is The egg London and in other clubs like Kindergarten (Bolo) Code (MI) .Now this days Kombot lives in Cagliari were he got is studio and managing the label......