- Ravage


Ravage started to DJ in February 2010 slowly getting known in his town.Beeing at every party he learned very quickly what you have to do to get up in this industry.Now he is slowly rising and becoming one of the most loved dubstep DJs in the capital city of Romania, his birth country,making friends also over the ocean in countries like Australia and U.S.A but also in Europe. After getting signed to Bassacre Records where he already got his first release "Mechatronics" feat. KOMBOT and one EP called "Damage Point" followed by another EP at Another Chance Records called "Killing Machine" ,with already the support of artists like Bong,Kombot,Impure,Diamond Pistols,Bodie,Symbiotic,Conrad Funk,Define Audio,Sevar,Rekoil,Se3mless,Module Virus,MammothStep etc. Recently got a new path on music signing with his soul label Dirt Lies Audio Black where he will have some numerous releases in the near future creating his own style ravaging all the crowds with his explosive sets and his ridicoulous and anotherworld like basslines. BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE ON T HIS ONE!