ISSA is one of the talented British - Egyptian DJ\producers who has a strong felt presence in the region these days. He also Plays live with big Clubs in Egypt & they loved his style of Electro House, Electro Dubstep & Electro Trance. In 2014 ISSA ranked number 1 deejaay in Electro House all over Egypt in the big site topdeejays.com & ranked number 1 DeeJay in dubstep also all over Egypt & top 200 dj all over the world with the same site at topdeejays.com San Francisco, California -- ISSA in 2013 with his original mix ( sweet tears ) got up to number 42 in top 100 Electro House chart all over the world at Trackitdown - ISSA in 2014 with his original mix BAD BOY was # 5 of the top 100 most sales tracks of Electro House at satelliteedm.com ISSA has hit top 100 Dubstep chart all over the world at Trackitdown to be # 48 with his original mix Cataclsym.