25 year old Nick Joyce, aka SICKorWELL is more than a DJ, he is fast becoming a prolific Drum and Bass/Dubstep artist. Known for dropping insane amounts of crowd-pleasing and bass-heavy tunes whilst using up to four decks, it's not surprising that he has already been nicknamed "The Machine". With precision and industrial skill, he works best at crazy speeds of up to 60 tunes per hour.Drawing his inspiration from Drum and Bass all the way to blues, music has been a part of SICKorWELL's life since the very beginning. Although he works furiously like a mixing robot, his motto is that he bleeds this music and his passion is beautifully clear. He has already played alongside Dieselboy, GEIN, Sinistarr, Taurus, Dirt Monkey, Craze, Starky, Shorte, Vaski, Jason Burns, Tankman, Quest, Direct Feed, Jayvon and Apex1 to name but a few, and the stories of his transcendent showmanship are already the stuff of legend.SICKorWELL is remarkably candid about his relationship with art and the personality which fuels his devotion to music. Travelling from city to city and having his story completely out in the open will provide further insight into his work ethic and revolutionary creative mind. SICKorWELL wants to change the way people look at mixing and blow apart the possibilities of this field. His fast, clever style and great track selection will bend your mind.SICKorWELL has many forthcoming collaborations and side projects which are due out through the coming months on labels such as Section 8 Recordings, Monkey Dub Recordings and many more with some very talented players in the game, as well his own eclectic full length EP coming soon on Betamorph Recordings. His powerful philosophy is Energy, Life and Music, and it is with white knuckles that we await the moment he blows up and completely dominates the scene.