- Audiotricz


The roots of Audiotricz are simple: two guys and oneambition that turned the dream of Léon and Kenneth, a.k.a.Audiotricz, into a daily reality. With perseverance as theirsecret weapon and an infinite passion for music, they’vebeen on a non-stop ride to the top!The Audiotricz-story started in the beginning of 2013. Now,only a year later, they have already produced hardstyleanthems that have topped charts around the world. Inaddition to these tracks, they’ve also collaborated withworld-renown artists in the dance music arena. Drawing ontheir background in sound design, Leon and Kenneth havecreated a truly unique sound that has garnered instantsupport from artists like Noisecontrollers, W&W,Headhunterz, Brennan Heart and many others. They’ddescribe their signature as energetic, euphoric hardstylewith a raw edge; in other words, the perfect ingredients tofire up any party.With hits like “Momentum” with John Harris, “Infinite”, andtheir remix of Hardwell ft. Matthew Koma “Dare You” they’vemade their musical statement in the hardstyle scene. Factorin a fully-loaded calendar and an ever-expanding fan base,nothing can stop Audiotricz from becoming true hardstyleicons. They’ve already performed at festivals like Q-Base,Emporium, Intents Festival, Dance Valley and DaydreamFestival, and events such as X-Qlusive Holland andMondaybar Sweden, but there is a lot more to come.If the last year is any indication, there is no doubt Audiotriczwill continue to prove themselves a force to be reckonedwith.