- TonoSono


simplicity is making sense, sound is making sense. simplicity is sensitive, sound is sensitive. sensual simplicity,sensual sound.simple sound--'T onoSono' has already been creat ed by me in 2008. I now team up with a fast growing circle of international friends to create fresh sounds with our projects and my hope is to be able to work on more stunning music collaborations, that really take our hearts inside and reach out to a wide range of open minded music lovers all over the world.--Project Selection:giz rok'Die Amateurin' PATRICKROKT BOSS--If you like what you download/hear / if you listen to the tracks more often or even keep playing them in your sets - please leave your comment, shout out - or just get in touch with me if your involved in creating music in any way, too ...AND IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT MY FUTURE WORK: You can also use my Paypal (tonosonorec@gmail.com) to donate to me, to support my/our work - or visit one of our events / live gigs in our local club scenes ..