- Sven Last


Born in Cologne, Sven Last spotted his affection for electronic music not until the mid 90ties and has been sold on to it ever since. But simply listening to music was surely nowhere near enough. Sven was striving to be inspirational as well. That’s why he started to organize parties for his friends, where he could play himself that kind of music he cared about so much. Of course things didn’t stay like this: His sessions plus his unique way to mix the records started to attract other’s attention and people began to book him. Although everything at this stage seemed to appear just perfect, ambitious Sven was looking for more. That search would never leave him… the desire of writing his own original compositions was so overwhelming that he started the project “Male Funk” together with his fellow Mute Box and created their first own tracks. Sven caught the attraction of Ben Delay, who immediately made him sign the label “Sugarland Records”. Sven, still busy working on his own productions, so watch out…