- Hailey Sphynx


An Italian born DJ - Producer living in Detroit who first started to explore the world of electronic music in 2002, Hailey Sphynx began her musical career in 2008 spinning at local clubs in her native Italy. Garnering a reputation by consistently delivering truly entertaining sets and emphasizing substance over style, Hailey Sphynx never ceases to amaze with her eclectic and energetic track selection even securing a position as a regular guest DJ on the highly acclaimed “Andrew Duke Cognition Audioworks” radio show. In keeping with her unique DJ methodology she has seamlessly worked this philosophy into her music productions. As versatile as her sets, her productions span a broad range of genres. Whether it’s Electro House, House or Downtempo Chillout one can always count on entertaining, out of the box creations that are sure make the body move. With releases on Italica,DB Records,Jammin Label,Uxoa Dutxa Records and soon on Clubland Records. Her track "Hailey Sphynx -Voltage" on DB Records is on Rick Wade's mix of the week for Mixmag.Hailey Sphynx is poised to take the electronic music world by storm and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.


Punta Cana Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
Kusuma Orchestra, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Chris Excess, Schwarz & Funk, Lime and Shine, Mykel Mars, Digital Orchestra Berlin, Macerio, Aida Antonelli, Chillo, Bikini Beats, Hotel Stereo, Fiona Daniels, Glady Gowans, Elias Harmon, Arrojas, Alene Messina, Double Go, Myeric, Joette Ault, Emma Luna, Avelina Jose, Claudia Hunt, Clementine Calaway, flexible moon, Vera Peters, Delbert Schneider, Core of Time, Mister Paul, Dodo Basnak, Michael Lander, Mia Melody, Benigna Maier, Ambient Circus, Delfina Deines, Nicolai Jan Hübner, Ibiza Club Toys, Darren Kim, DJ-T, Silent Breeze, Jessie Pinkman, Jess & Jess, Vyacheslav Feoklistov, Oscar Rogers, Lana Lupercio, Blue Desert, Roxano de Santiago, Exit Mars, Rikki Rothermel, Daki 2000, Maurice Scoville, Will Fishman, Shanell Souza, Bed Shop Toys, Mike Warren, Ruben Hall, Walter Friedrich, Jörg Stadler, Aaron Steve, Gomo Park, Adam Mainka, Iridium Flares, Jolly Roger, Vivian Holmes, El Petit Jardi, Kurt Tepperwein, Anna Gemina, Florian Filsinger, TMC, Koon, Counting Clouds, Napo, Phil Wolff, Earthspaces, Ron Ractive, Utopian Hedonism, Molniya, Daniele Nacci, Tim Besamusca, Dr. Drummer, Sunset Session Group, Prototype Repeatedly, Bantunani, Woltrax, Inzah, Makr, Johannes Eggenberger, Mherman, Finist, Renga, Dusty, Cafe Royale, Ampetermin, Edelweissglut, Twenty1, KT, Soulful-cafe, Mixmaster Doc, Genom, Hailey Sphynx, Johan Giannis Hynynen, Avatar Illusion, Silent Waves, Clytera, Journey To Nowhere, Amino, Bomb The Beach, Bobbi Briere, Restless Guitars, Space Audience, Raphael Glott, Into The Blue, Temple Knights, Sensa, Rita Sousa, Mr. Beatz, Angelina Astle, Marsfinder, Druida Borealis, Richard Hanno, Bunuel, Howie, Tails Rocket, Three Dolphins Club, Heso, System Breakdown, Luigi Restuccia, Ask, Siempl, Reka, Niko Cocktail Agogo, Radically Pornographic Audiovisual Xperience, Returning Residents, Marek Bilinski, Rich, Djane Monique, Sanderson Dear, DJ Spotrolf, Ricardo M, Kenny Laakkinen, Hiloyuki Kubota, Shike, Feucht, Emmiel, R.r.sp. Project, So Phistry, Alice Shelton, Kai Elston, Roy Bennett, Cierra Ballester, Fruity Execute, Helaine Stowe, Leila Lambrecht, Light in Color, Josif Imen Puerta, Buddha Lounge DJs, Josefina Keller, Yan Gillis, Rosemary Olson, Georgette Gabel, Wesley Colon, Kiana Kazee, Noak Purushottama, Tokyo Tower, Locoto, Taedium, Electric Illusions, Weimar, Saphire, Space Echo, Sundowner, Off Land
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-07-17
Malediven Chillout Lounge Music - 200 Songs
Schwarz & Funk, Lounge Deluxe, Ian Solano, Sarah Tyler, Gabriel Florea, Dirk M. Schumacher, Kusuma Orchestra, Spiritual Soul, Cardinal Zen, Best Of Chillout Lounge, Saba Rock, Sandy Cay, Lime and Shine, Enrico Donner, Aquarius, Faltermeyer, Emma Luna, TrancEye, Don Gorda Project, flexible moon, Donner, Hornbostel, Delfina Deines, Chillo, Bananaquit, Hotel Stereo, Cane Garden Quartet, Claudia Hunt, Macerio, Oscar Salguero, Jess & Jess, ASP Project, Benigna Maier, Audi, Roy Bennett, Collins, Harmonium, Vera Peters, Diario, G. Papadopoulos, Avelina Jose, Hollow Earth, Intermode, Aaron Steve, Delbert Schneider, Olympic, Bobbi Briere, O'Quinn, Kai Elston, Paco Flores, Double Go, Pray, Glady Gowans, The Sura Quintet, Alene Messina, Cierra Ballester, Fiona Daniels, Angelina Astle, Blue Wave, Elias Harmon, Aida Antonelli, Rhythmphoria, Darren Kim, Joette Ault, OST Flow, Conquest, Basics On Lounge, Club Camarillo, Peter Linski Experience, So Phistry, Ron Pachelbel, Suntheca Prod., Alice Shelton, Kontiki, Fruity Execute, Gaming Tracks, Simon Le Grec, Mike Warren, John Loengard, Clementine Calaway, Kgc, Elysian Piers, Iridium Flares, Kurt Tepperwein, Martin Andreas Paulus, Koon, Counting Clouds, Lapinu, Daniele Nacci, Earthspaces, Datamouth, Aquaba Project, Odyssey, Liquid Nations, Molniya, Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Dr. Drummer, Johannes Eggenberger, Woltrax, Mherman, Finist, Sanderson Dear, Anima Infinity, Ampetermin, Soulful-cafe, Chill Destination H262, Pedro Balse, Blue Mushroom Recordings, George D, Elena Leon, Christopher Breeze, Alex, Martin Bro, Thomas Hewitt, Falling Dreams, Lies, Marek Bilinski, KT, Heso, Hailey Sphynx, Roberto Conforto, Johan Giannis Hynynen, Ariams, Daki 2000, Parker Thornhill, Monroe Days, Roxano de Santiago, Marth Manthe, Lumoa, Josefina Keller, Rikki Rothermel, Helaine Stowe, Karon Koury, Jasmine Lulu, Light in Color, Josif Imen Puerta, Tory Arndt, Rosemary Olson, Will Fishman, Shanell Souza, Buddha Lounge DJs, Georgette Gabel, Vivian Holmes, Shantay Huntington, Louisa Lessley, Tad Hutchens, Wesley Colon, Audiopassion, Oli Slack
Sa Trincha Recordings | 2015-06-01