- Smull


Smull is the pseudonym of Gabriel García, a young producer from Granada. He is making headway in the national and international Techno scene with an unstoppable rhythm.He is influenced by Jean Michel Jarreand Depeche Modesince his inception, but Smull is developing a very personal style and it’s valued by many.Their first EP came out for sale in mid-2012. Since then their Groove and powerful sounds haven’t stopped developing. His tracks have caught the attention of very important labels: AMIGOS RECORDINGS, INVICTA RECORDS, AK RECORDINGS, T EKX RECORDS, UNDERGROUND NOISE RECORDS, GROOVE SOLDIERS RECORDS, T EKNO CREW, U.M.A MUSIC AWARDS, VOLCANIC T ECHNO RECORDS, LW RECORDINGS, INSPIRED RECORDS, RED RIBBON, REKKT OR MUSIC, ANOT HER T ECHNO RECORDINGS, CAPITAL T ECHNO RECORDINGS and NAKED LAUNCH.His work as a dj has started recently, but many importanteventsare plannedfor next year.