- Yokushe


Truck manufacturer that specializes in Techno / HouseIn addition to The Orb of YMO to the received artistsaffected include the 808State like.Continued to track makeup by DAW than in 2011 called"Yokushe", suddenly it appeared on YouTube andSoundCloud, etc. on the Internet as the mystery of the truckmanufacturer.Than in 2014, full-fledged activities resume as creators ofTechno / House. It is not only techno, rock and hip hop,Oriental music, etc.Unparalleled sound features that are affected also frommusic across a wide.These days Old School works that made full use ofhardware a lot, high interest especially in production of acidhouse by clone machine Roland T B-303 such as x0xb0x.You are struggling such a legacy of music technique that goincorporated into modern techno sound.