- Section 1


Section 1 was founded by D.D. Flash (also known as Dennis Dee) and Peter Revilak as czech-slovak electronic duo. Dave-8 (also known as Vladimir Volkov) was involved to Section 1 manager later and they started their career with powerful single called "Gonna Take U High".The first album "Hard & Clear" was produced after successfuly single called "Russia! (Where R U?)"Dave-8 and Aimoon (also known as Alexander Golyshev) opened their own label called Quadrocore Recordings. Commercial bomb "If You Believe" was released as single at Quadrocore later and contains high quality remixes from top producers such as Aimoon, 2trancY, The Airstatic and Sasha Starry.The next single "When The Sun Comes Down" and the second album "Kill The Silence Get The Noise" coming up with Section 1 home label called Turbotraxx Tunes.The next step is "Thru The Exitus" single release.After successful 3 years, Peter Revilak left the band. Main reason is his solo house alias called Peet Beck.Dennis Dee and Dave-8 started their 3rd album called "Horsepowers Tide For A Furious Ride".Eurodance hit "Abracadabra" was the most successful and best album track by the fans choice.Before album guys release massive banger "M.I.C. Contest". After album release, "Rhythm Of My Heart" was announced as the next single.Denis Evchenko (Corecube Design) has joined the team as cover designer. His collaboration with the guys started from "M.I.C. Contest" single cover. And also he make a re-design Section 1 logo and main title for the future.Sergej Metelkin (also known as Sound-X-Monster) has joined the band as third member and second music engineer.The first collaboration with Sergej was "Hard Stuff" single. Release contains fresh remixes from Trancestral (Aimoon), Sasha Starry and Axel Coon (ex-Scooter)."Horsepowers Tide For A Furious Ride" CD release was out in february 2014.The guys was appeared on the cover for the first time. "Hard Stuff" was supported by popular dancecore/hardstyle duo Crystal Lake in their monthly radioshow called Crystal Nation.Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Remix) was taken to the German compilation called TechnoBase.FM - We Are One Vol.8Also "Hard Stuff" single was take to LNG Music (record label by Nick Skitz and Brooklyn Bounce) for mixes, compilatins and tv ads.After this successful, Dennis, Sergej and Dave-8 started their 4th album called "Viva La Hardcore"