ROMM (Roman Mikhalyuk) - EDM-producer, DJ and musician from Russia (trance, progressive house, chill-out), TOP220 DJs TrancePodium 2016, TOP100 Promodj.ru. Festivals, performances: Trance Mission, Tranceassorty, Colorfest, etc. Support: Cosmic Gate, Tempo Giusto, Mike Sanders, Pedro Del Mar, Airbase, Mark Pledger, Jackob Rocksonn, Fonarev, Feel, Alexander Popov, etc. ; First release: Burst of energy; Style: Trance, Progressive; The best known, the best releases, mixes: Im Not Afraid, Blind Feelings, Blue Eyes, Atmolife, Forever, Never Say Goodbye with Sergei Malinovskiy (selection of Eurovision 2017), The TrancePodium Podcast 025 (10 Years Anniversary Special) with ROMM & Andres Sanchez; Newest singles: Time planet, Absolut, Blind Feelings with remixes from Sundrowner, Chronosapien, Moonrider, Andrew & White, Serge Landar; Best remixes and bootlegs: ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come); Armin van Buuren / Gaia - Stellar; Natalie Gioia - Per Semper; Glitch Matrix -Uprising; Collaboration with: Alex BELIEVE, Natalie Gioia, Ahmed Helmy, Sundrowner, Chronosapien, Grazba, Sunbrothers, Glitch Matrix, Witness45, Roxy Сharming, Alta May, Moonrider, Andrew & White, Love Dimension, Sergei Malinovskiy, Lena Grig, MarGo Lane, Syntheticsax, Alex Dvane, Di Land, and others.