- Marasco


Trying to make a better world....Marasco is based in the Hawaiian islands where he lives his life in the ocean immersed in the beauty and power of his natural surroundings. This amazing visual setting helps to fuel his music. Music is Marasco's outlet. His passion for music has been with him since before he can remember and his every free moment is dedicated to creating innovative and fresh auricular portrayals of life. Music is his way of expressing his feelings through sounds and rhythms based on daily inspirations without limitations. He released music on different labels such as Surface,Orion Muzik, CityDeep SF, Inside Orion, Siesta Records,Underground Collective and many more. When he is not traveling you can catch one of his dj set @ Asylum Afterhours in Honolulu. Also Marasco & Tuccilo created HAWABIZA PROJECT for a more classic house sound. More info on www.facebook.com/marascomusic or visit www.marascomusic.com