- Semitoo


Formed in 2013, the german musicproducer Semitoo has built a name for himself over the past 4 years within both the Electronic Dance Music scene and further afiled, thanks to his stellar productions, of which some was chosen for various well-known compilations like Future Trance, Dream Dance, I Like Fiesta, Pioneer (The Album) etc.The first single „All I Need“ (feat. Jules Palmer) was issued in 2013 by the own label mitoomusic.After his second single „Weekend To Begin“, he signed with Planet Punk Music (High Five Records) and had a musical breakthrough with his summer single „Holiday“ (a collaboration with austrian songwriter Marc Korn that featured vocals by german singer/songwriter Caroline von Brünken and austrian rapper Orry Jackson). "Holiday" was released in summer 2014.The latest single „Shadows“ (feat. Head Rockerzz), a collaboration with american singer/songwriter Nicco Maniatty, was released in September 2017 and reached high chart positions in differents dancecharts.