- Pattrix


Pattrix moved to London in 1999, seeking new musical experiences. His move to London and his collaborations with Dave the drummer on Hydraulix and Apex marked a decisive turning point on his journey......With the birth of Mutate to Survive in 2007, Pattrix and Henry Cullen spread their wings musically and mutate themselves with a more minimal/stripped down and experimental sound, but still techno. Pattrix finally founded a platform for his idea of techno music, allowing to write and steer the label in it’s weird and wonderful direction.His strong appearances on the London warehouse parties fuelled his open minded approach as both DJ and producer.Mutate to survive is a product of those long week- end combining the peak hours feel and the after party state of mind. Varying between awareness and thoughtlessness.Running his own label gives him the chance to release music of other artists as well as including remixes such as one of France’s original techno pioneer artist, Scan X.The track is called “Souvenir” and it was remixed from original by Pattrix and Henry Cullen on Mutate to Survive 011. Pattrix also has a track placed on Oliver Huntemann’s mix CD “PLAY!03” which was recorded Live in NYC. The Track is called “A Beautiful Woman” and it was taken from the “It Distorts” EP on Mutate to Survive 007.On the spur of the moment, pattrix builds his sets up and down, not committed to one tone or mood only but always with a rich diversity in mind of emotions and clearly directed towards the techno floor.