- Paul Diep


Paul Diep was born in Quito Ecuador March 25th, 1 985.He started his career as a DJ and producer from his 15 years of age fulfilling Quito’s underground world of hip hop and funk music of that time. He obtains his first system to scratch followed by turntables (vinyl). He has some presentations in underground venues with groups like HHC PONCHADO and many others that were great inspiration in music and attitude.In the year of 2000, he created his first group, “Poisonous Freakerz”, with beats and styles going from hardcore, hip hop, (93), and fusions with Drum & Bass and punk with two live DJ’s making extreme mixing with turntable techniques and scratching. Paul Diep, inspired by one of the most deathly hated band in the USA, the Insane Clown Posse, is and will always be an important figure with his music career because it made him believe and put together insane ideas for music. The first album of Poisonous Frekerz meets the top 10 in faygoluvers.net given by remarkable artists like Vanilla Ice and Tech N9ne. The group fades away after a year with two more albums, same albums that influenced many new talented generations of artists of hip hop music.In 2002, Paul meets Ivan Gonzales, one of the best and most important known DJ’s in Quito’s underground scene. They stretch their friendship and together they start sharing electronic music. Artists like Prodigy, Draft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Ramirez, and many others helped them open more their preference towards this new music gender. Day after day his knowledge starts to build up and starts applying his production skills into better mixing systems and advance equipment to produce music. He discovers his first music production software, Reason 2.0, and begins experimenting different music genders. He fulfills his knowledge by attending college and four years later, joining Sick Gatermo and Alvaro Grijalva, together they form “The Psychokiller band”, one of the most important projects of his career involving him in the media, participating in national rewards events and being part of a TV show “Zona de Combate” in MTV for an interview. The Psychokiller Band records their first album “Salon de Torturas” accomplished a big name in different places of the city and the underground world. In 2009 he leaves the band to continue his career as a dependant DJ and producer obtaining more experience in the music industry and different genders. At the ending of 2010, he meets Andres Cordova, one of the best DJ’s and producers of the country. He approaches Paul to become part of the label Deepness Records, label in which they produce genders such as Deep House Indie Dance and Nu disco.In reality, Paul Still experiments different genders and different production digital systems to create music for different targets of people and also sets a good musical example for new generations of DJ’s and producers around the world.