- Tomas


Class 1996, Tomás Bassanini a.k.a Tomàs, discovers djing during high school in his hometown Courmayeur.What first starts as yet another hobby, later becomes a consuming passion and a choice of life. Looking into ways to grow beyond the casual gigs at friends' parties, he enrolls at Recreative12 in Milan, studying electronic music production. Things start moving fast, and Tomàs manages to get noticed while playing in some of Courmayeur's favorite hangouts, until he's made resident DJ at Super G Italian Mountain Lodge and at The Club Courmayeur in winter 2016/17, both first-class stages where competition runs strong. He also joins Mandala, an event organizing machine focusing solely on electronic music parties. From his early steps in the music world driven by friends, to the first mind-blowing experiences inside real clubbing culture, much has changed - usually found mixing or producing, Tomàs can't contain his feelings for music. They only get louder. Feel it, too, and enjoy this .... by Tomàs