- Osei


Osei, born in Paris, was passioned very quickly formusic. Following his meet ings wit h art ist s fromanot her st yle, he was direct ed more different musicalst yles such as Elect ronic Music.he st art ed by being int erest ed in Lounge, more in t hest yle of compilat ions as « Cafe Del Mar» and « NovaTune ». Progressively wit h his progression in t hismusical st yle, he was very quickly put t o produce it sfirst Deep House compilat ion, "Cafe, Clopes". Aft er 2years of Clubbing and meet ings, he decided in 1999t o pass on ot her side of t he barrier, t hat s meanbehind t he t urnt ables. In summer 1999, for holidaysin Dallas (USA), he st art ed as DJ in one of only Elect roclub of t he region. For t he mad people of t heElect ronic music, knew t he reput at ion of t he French djand t heir Product ions, t he name French Touchfollowed him during his t our. Very quickly recognizedas t he DJ frenchy, he was put t o mix in t he mostfashion clubs of t he St at es in Houst on, Dallas andFort h Wort h. Back t o France and very st rong by t heexperience in USA, he proposed himself as a DJ in t heclubs of Paris. Unfort unat ely t he Elect ro movementwas followed only by some clubs as Rex, Queen,Gibus...The explosion of t he Elect ronic music allowed Osei t oimpose himself in France and t he ot hers count ries(Spain, It aly, England, Tunisia, USA, Morocco...), hest art ed t o work and mix wit h big names : Ant oineClamaran, Ant oine Carle, Dj Flex, Gilles Pet erson (UK),Kojak (Prozak Tracks), Isaac Garza (Selekt o Records),Daniel Cant isani & Nikko Gibbler (The Royal DanceProject ), Erick Morillo, David Morales... Today, he's ingreat preparat ion of his album planned for soon. Keepyour ears open.