- Ersan Erguner


Ersan Erguner was born in İstanbul Turkey.Three years of music education during his childhood provided him the grounds to get involved in the music sector in his early ages.Enjoying Classical Jazz and Blues, Ersan took his early steps as a DJ playing R&B and Hip Hop on 1996. Up until 1998, he has performed in relatively smaller clubs and at house parties.At the same time, he was attracted by the highly accredited pioneers of House music, like Frankie Knuckles, DJ Sneak, Derreck Carter and became interested in House music.Ersan has hosted alot of foreign DJs like ; Roger Sanches, Tom Novy, Martin Solveig, Chus, Milk&Sugar etc.. being at top of that list.Ersan has been appreciated with the sets he has come up with by mixing the classicals of House and Disco music.Thus, he had his chance to become known by a larger audience in Turkey.He has started working with “Connection Records” production company in 2009.Currently, Ersan continues his productions at ” Connection Records, Connection Deep,Bomb The House and with many labels”Additionally, he is the trainer in Istanbul and coordination manager of Connection Records Dj Academy.