- P-Que


Dj & producer from the black forest, south Germany. Started to play techno & house music round the millenium time, near to the border of Swizerland as a Dj with the „PHOBIA“ team. They celebrated underground outdoor party ́s and afterhours in diffrent sections. .P-Que played in clubs like the legendary techno club „Parkhaus“ . He had warm up gigs for named artists & regional Dj ́s. 2004 his journey brought him to Munich to learn about how to create elektronic music at SAE (school of audio engeneering) . He stayed 7 Years and played in 2 clubs on Optimol Gelände & Kultfabrik. His sound is mostly based on elektroloaded, melodic techno& deephouse music, slow & also powerfull but fit for the dance floor. Its philosophy is totally based on an emotional exchange and an interactive mixing . 2013 he met Jackob Session in Dortmund and start to collaborate for the rst 2 releases. He ́s working on his rst album tracks now. Next Release : Loose Myself featuring LENA GRIG on Desperadoz Recordz