- Megan


Dark & Breathtaking energy that blends through the dance oor is the speciality of megan which can also be profound and intensive. Megan creates hypnotizing vibes that connect people with the music. Megan started his career in 2013 as he released many EPs and singles which contained more of a tech, groovy sound which grew through the years. Dark and intensive vibes are what he looks for in the music where ambiance and hypnotic textures go along with it. He has released music in labels like TMM Records, Dolma Records, Switch Off Records and Mind+ Records which he co-operated with Artil his good friend and also a big in uence on him. In 2017 Megan released his rst full-length album called 'Rooms Without Doors. The album was released on TMM Records and got many support from different artists and dj's. 'The album represents a deep, dark and groovy sound of mine which I curated through the early years of my career and tried my best to tell it in all the tracks' he says. In 2018 he also released on Global A doing a remix for one of the most respected artists Tin Man.