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 - Arthur Hernan


Arthur Hernan is a Mexican Dj influenced by artists as: Frankie Knuckles,Carl Cox, Solar House, Masters at Work, Richie Hawtin, and more...Is a dj playing tech house, techno & progressive,gives a very special touch to the music playing.As a producer,create music with a special groove that makes people vibrate with that touchthat characterizes him.has signed his music on labels as Massive Duck Records, Beatamin Recordings,Insane Room Records, Turtle Underground Recordings, Big Drugs Music, Manzanita Shift Records and other more... has participated in festivals such as Yolotl el Festival del Corazon in different editions sharing the stage with artists as Acid Kit, dishop, Minikore, Broken Box, Vantabass, Blume and other Mexican artists ...Now started a record label with partner Ivan Longoria,Big drugs Music is the name of the label ...