- Alfonso G


He has shared turntables with artists such as: Deadmau5, Chris Fortier, Chaim, Gel April, Phonik, Luke Chable, Rick Pier O Neil, Tommy Lee, Lithium, B-Liv, Willy San Juan, Marcos Carnaval.His energy increases the rhythms with each live performance, and his unique style is recognized by fans of the city.He has been able to perform constantly in several of the best nightclubs in Mexico City. As Continental DJ Club, Yehyo, The Mansion, Velvet, Hookah, Rioma, B & B among others.He participated in several festivals such as 'AMLOFEST' 2012 Expo, World DJ Expo of 2008 and 2012, the Festival 2013 Cileles 1 KILO and All Music 2013.He has appeared four times on the most important electronic music radio station in Mexico City, Beat 100.9 FM.Recently, he has made productions for 76 recordings (Mex) AGNOSIA Records (Israel) INVISIBLE Records (Chicago, USA), 69 STREET RECORDS (England), DEC RECORDS (Spain) and the sub-label Abstractive MUSIC by Sony Music.