- Mark V


Mark V is at this moment the biggest Swedish DJ in northern Sweden! Started out as a house and trance DJ for more then 7 years ago have made him one of the most experienced in his region, and also since the start he developed his likes and diversity sor several genres. Even though that his likes for the harder styles of music has grown Mark can play any style of EDM if requested, and house – well that in the wrist, just like riding a bike.During the years Mark gained some great support, he have played alongside with artists such as John De Sohn, Darwin & Backwall, Jonas Hörnblad, Noisecontrollers, Frontliner, Rank 1, Chris One, Jochen Miller, and many more. He also was supported by Tiesto as a guest DJ in the “15 minutes of fame” on the ClubLife show (episode 131). Beside these great performers Mark played together with the house legend Patrick Aurelle and worked together with the break thru DJ Jasmine Rose from the US.Mark is involved in so many projects a side his own artistry that even he lost count, although his interest in music, the self evolution as an artist always remain as the essence of his work. While many artists say “we live for our music” or “music is my life” Mark is just quiet and does his thing, but if you take a moment and have a chat with him and just ask anything about his work, sound technique or basically anything about his artistry you’ll soon come to realize, music is essential for Mark’s live...