- Slider


Slider is the uncensored musical expression of producer Eliran Or Gad. Born in 1980 in the sunny northern parts of Israel, Eliran began his musical involvement as a Dj at the age of 15, soon right after he perused his long life dream of producing his own independent sound. A few years of learning & experimenting gave birth to his well-known musical project - Slider. Throughout his long & successful career Slider’s unique signature stamped sound, best described as strong, groovy & articulate form of Psy-Full-On Trance, has been presented to a wide range of musical lovers all over the world. His crystal clear, uncompromised, sound production level has made him one of the busiest & sort after producers roaming planet earth. His articulate & energetic conduct on stage has taken his project to great heights placing him on the most demanding stages all over the world.