- Lukaz Mac


Energy, Speed and Precision are the Three staple ingredients that make Lukaz Mac the man known fondly on the white isle as the man who can fix anything. As an Artist, his sound is a distinct reflection of his unshakeable intensity. As a boy growing up around a musical father, he showed early signs of unusual receptivity on their home piano. At 2 years old, the keys were such a familiar site to him the family was approached for a documentary to film his remarkable talent. Fast forwarding to his days of underage raving and it was the sounds of techno that woke him up, the world of DJing was to become his new language. In 2004 a national DJ competition was being advertised online. Late to the applications ahead of hundreds, a pivotal day saw a callback for Lukaz to enter where he blazed clean ahead and won the competition. Lukaz has now dropped anchor in Ibiza with his newly launched Isla Blanca record Label and he leads the charge with club ready EP from the man himself