- LeManuel


Manuel Jose Marti Valls aka LeManuel (IBZ Recordings, Take NO System, Sonotech Rec) Part of IBZ Recordings and co-owner of the small spanish label Sonotechno. He has released together with Dexel @ Pacha Recordings, Finetool, SFX Records, Cosmikal, IBZ Rec, Hardcelone.... As a dj with a large musical background since 1997, he has always been focussed on other genres like trance, or ambient and since a few years. His interest turns back to techno & tech house music performing in some of the great clubs such as La Cova, Le Rachdingue, Sands Ibiza, Sol Fest, Summertech, La Martina (Ibiza)... also at Portugal, Mexico and some sets @ Ibiza Global Radio... Sharing decks with Alex Di Stefano, Olivier Giacomotto, Dj Tonio, John Acquaviva, Frank Kvitta, Norbert Davenport, Mark Morris, Super Flu...As a dj, LeManuel loves to play from tech house to techno, and sometimes HardGroove sets. As a producer he joined forces with Dexel a half French/Ibiza talented producer involved also in trance (Smashed).Some cool info: "Well Mannered Zombie" on Hardcelone Rec (Included on Kai Acid dj chart). "Mint & Chocolate" IBZ Recordings with a remix from the italian techno & trance star Alex Di Stefano (reaching # 58 in the Beatport Techno charts, and being included on Spartaque ́s Podcast on Kiss FM Ukraine, Phunk Investigation on 1605 podcast. Tomy DeClerque (Blufin) on Proton Radio. Tesla (1605) on His Radio Show. and a great feedback on radios and deejays arround the world). Remixes from Pacha Ibiza resident John Jacobsen & G.Martinez, of their track called "It ́s Hot", John Jacobsen & Ismael Logan, "La Flauta" both @ (Pacha Recordings), one more deep tech house named "Turn Me On" @ the French label SFX Records. Remix "The Secret Base" from Sparker, and a colab with TAAAZ.. He released a small V.A. with his partner in Sonotechno, G- Martinez, named Audiophonique Rising with Taaaz, Norbert Davenport & Mgj, Bigboss, and shared a Take No System podcast with Christof Absolum.