- Keegs Bantom


Keegs Bantom, a successful young man talented in the art of music, lived within the beams of local and pure sounds creating the pleasure of happiness effect, is best to be described as an instinctive House-head. He established himself as a producer and a DJ highly embedded within the local House Music community written with notation of rhythm of the desired social community.He ensures an authentic composition with creative, flowing and seamless transitioning techniques to break new music, instead of the median of everyday commune beats. As a musician, growth and persistent erudition has led him on a creative path through the House music dynasty. Music is thus the primary aftermath to a clear goal of finding his ultimate future sound.He offers a groove based sound with sweet melodies intertwined, whether stripped down or vocally profound. His hard work pulls through his unique bravura.A burning passion to push his own unique taste, he fuses music, art and poetry, releasing artistic pieces that tell a story of good times, motivation and brighter days.