- Johan Ilves


Johan Ilves is born to twist house and techno. He stormed onto the scene back in 2007 with track after track of the highest quality. With releases on labels such as Noir Music, Plastic City and Global Underground one of Sweden's finest deeptech producers put his name on t he map and made it on t o the charts. After a 2 year break from music he made his big comeback on Noir Music in 2011. Now teamed up with beautiful Paris-resident Aleksandria Migova.They soon realized that they where a perfect match, and "Ilves & Migova" was here to stay. A multi- dimensional duo devoted to their passion of making people dance and telling a story through art. One of those rare electronic music acts who dare to draw the bigger picture by creating both deep down basement beats as well as journeys through the white clouds.With their diverse personas and complex minds, this duo is one of the most interesting upcoming electronic acts to date. Doing it for the love of the music, never afraid of mixing different genres and styles, always putting on a show for the crowd.