- Modum


Modum music is soaked with atmosphere of sadness and anxiety, combining light and spontaneous lyrical melodies, edged with heavy dub bass, gloomy pads and mysterious glitch, delay and reverberation effects. The combination of these disparate at first glance sounds rise in the works unusual, cosmic harmony, creating their unique satirical mood of "false gaiety" showing the listener the dark side of the modern world. Only this combination of dark and light, combination of passionate emotion and cold mathematics, creates its own, unique philosophy of sound, making Modum tracks a real gift for fans of intelligent music."Do you want to dive into the atmosphere from which your soul shudder and to hear the music, piercing your heart, or you want to drown in the brutal electric bass vibe? In our music, everyone sees what he wants to see. " (c) Modum Team - Gichev Maxim & Vlasov Anton