- Housegroove


Housegroove is a project founded in 1999 by Daniele Ciancimino And Vincenzo Ventimiglia a producers-duo from Sicily, the island in the southern part of Italy. Daniele Ciancimino was born in 1973 and has been a resident dj and special guest in several clubs accumulating more than 20 years of experience. He is one of the most appreciated Sicilian producers working with the most famous recording studios. His set are dominated by electronic and deep sounds, very often wisely mixed with jackin and funk music. Vincenzo Ventimiglia, born in 1987, is a very young and talented dj oriented to house music. He used to be resident dj or special guest in the most famous Sicilian Disco. As a producer he really was on fire since the beginning of his activity, making great quality tracks. The Housegroove project produced, since the beginning, brilliant tracks as “Prophecy” and Make Me Move”, developed together with the Italian friend project “Funk Mediterraneo”, “Funk The President” “The Sun Of New York” “My Latin Soul” “Funk Seduction” “From Brazil To Italy” “Pablito Escobar” and lot of other great tracks, always appreciated in the main charts. Housegroove project usually works with the following labels (but not only): Music Taste Records, Midwest Hustle Music ,69 Street, Round House, Jambalay Records, Serial Sickness , Hub City Music, Dirty Monkey Recordings, Aspect Audio, Trackord, U-Ground Milano, Juiced, House4Life.