- Big Mojo


Born in Bologna in 1967, Cesare Ferioli aka Big Mojo, drummer in t he 80's wit h various punk/new wave bands, among which Jack Daniel's Lovers, with rock'n'roll root s and an album, 'St ay out of jail', produced by Steve Berlin from Los Lobos.In t he 90's he got involved wit h rock blues band Dirt y Hands, working also with several other acts, like Andy J. Forest, Jr. Pitta and Junglebeat, X-Raymen, Sciacalli, Monque D Blues Band, Paul Orta andthe King Pins. Since 1997 he's been busier as DJ and composer, concentrating on his own solo project influenced by blues, jazz, funk and electronics. His debut solo album under the name of Big Mojo, 'Ready Made', takes him into 'blacktronic' territories, where he manages to merge his rock/blues/soul/funk background wit h elect ronic rhyt hms like House, Techno and Downtempo. Other musicians on the album include Max Ferrauto, appreciated international blues singer; Claudio Falcone and Marcus Pepper III, singer and organ player with Blue Eyed Soul Team (B.E.S.T.), well known among the mod/northern soul community; Ricardo Phillips, lead singer of hip hop reggae act Amsterdam Street Knowledge; Marco Gisfredi, one of the most famous Italian blues guitarists. 'Ready Made' is produced by Ohm Guru and Ninfa for One Eyed Fish and includes a remix by DJ Rodriguez, legendary DJ/producer who died in 2006, old friend and colleague of Big Mojo.